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Walden University

Walden University has existed for 45 years already with one major goal - to serve the higher education needs of adult students. It is an accredited institution offering higher education to people from all fifty U.S. states and more than 150 countries. You can receive the following degrees: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees as well as certificates online in a wide variety of disciplines including Business and Management, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management, Communication and New Media, Education, Information Technology, Health and Health Sciences, Psychology and Counseling, Social Work and Human Services, Nursing, as well as Public Policy and Administration. Their programs promote positive social change and reflect current market trends as Walden University is devoted to helping you achieve your professional goals, giving you a great opportunity to have successful career. You will also have access to the Walden community as a graduate.

The institution strives to provide graduates with skills, knowledge, and abilities to use their knowledge to influence their profession, society and communities in a positive way, to promote positive social change, to demonstrate a desire to be involved in lifelong learning, as well as information literacy and understanding of the methods used in their professional field. Students who graduated from Walden University are able to apply their learning to certain problems and issues in their professional surrounding and workplace, to practice ethical integrity at their working places. They are able to effectively express their ideas, to support multiculturalism and diversity within their communities and profession. Walden University has been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1990. This is one of six regional accrediting associations backed by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Customer Reviews - Does Walden University Really Work?

Based on accreditation by the HLC proves that the institution operates with integrity, lives its mission, offers the programs specially designed for student learning, provides academically qualified faculty, resources and support necessary for professional success of their students. In 2013, their accreditation was reaffirmed by HLC. It opens doors to federal and state financial aid, guarantees high academic quality and instills confidence in potential employers. In addition, the university also has specialized accreditation. What makes Walden University really special is that it offers online learning to its students. An online student has an opportunity to connect with faculty and other students from different locations and backgrounds. During this communication, you will be able to exchange perspectives, opinions, ideas, and your academic experience. Online learning encourages frequent student discussions in addition to your online classroom. Interactions with professionals in your field are also possible, thus you can greatly benefit for acquiring more knowledge for your future or current work.

According to polls, Walden University involves more than 57,000 students from 150 countries in total. A number of the enrolled students are pursuing their online education. 91% of current international students are satisfied with their studying at this university. 85% of students are likely to recommend it to others. These amazing data prove the fact why there are so many positive testimonials from current and former students of Walden University. The majority of those individuals are happy with their education, despite the fact that they often find their experience challenging. One former student reports that he graduated with a Ph.D. in Management in August, 2017. He was enrolled in PhD-Management program for five years and completed the coursework within three years with a 4.0 GPA. He found the coursework rigorous with a lot of writing. His wife had serious health problems after he finished his coursework. As a result, the man lost a few quarters of productivity in his dissertation work and lost time. According to his words, it was his own choice and not policy at Walden University. The professors were very understanding about his particular situation and helped him to successfully complete the program. He even had the communication with his Chair almost daily via private email and discussion forum. Let's take a look at the actual students' reviews left online.

"Walden University is an amazing school for me because I am keen on technology. I have had almost no issues with this school and whenever I had questions, I was well consulted. I usually understand my assignments and keep them well-organized. Their website is easy to use and I never worry about missing deadlines. Since my registration, my academic advisor has been attentive, friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. I enjoy my studying a lot and I would say that online learning is a worthy option."

"I like WaldenUniversity but I must say that it requires an ability of being organized and responsible. You need to make sure you meet the grading rubric requirements, perform all of your assignments, discussion and stay on top of your schedule. If you lack self-discipline this school may not be suitable for you. Studying here is not that easy, even though I receive the necessary support and help from the faculty. Usually, instructors respond to me quickly. I like being automatically enrolled in the next class, so there is no need to register."

"I graduated from Walden university with my BSN in 2016. The course was challenging; however, I managed to learn a lot about research. I also learnt how to think critically. What I enjoyed the most with online learning was the ability to attend school in my pajamas with a cup of coffee. My instructor always replied the same day if I had any issues. I also liked my communication with other online students. I still talk to them regularly. In general, I am satisfied with my experience at Walden."

My Final Summary

Walden University is a worthy higher educational establishment with a number of advantages. If offers you a great opportunity to earn the degree you need in any of the fields provided by the University. There is a chance to complete studying faster than expected, but in this case you will need more effort and dedication. You may be able to graduate with a DBA degree in three years. Another important aspect is to understand how to make research. The student must be willing to invest the time to studying. Even though Walden's programs are not easy, they provide the student with all the necessary knowledge and skills in the field. If you are looking for a good opportunity to enhance your research, Walden University could be a good option for you. No matter which degree you are seeking, you will be able to earn it at this institution.

Walden University Pricing and Rates

Tuition and fees at this university are $12,075 USD without financial aid. With board, room, and other fees combined, the total cost of studying will be $13,275 USD. The per-credit-hour charge for part-time undergraduate students at this institution is $325. Usually, college classes consist of three or four credits, bringing the cost per class to $975 or $1,300. It is necessary to note that full-time tuition kicks in at about 12 credit hours at many other colleges.