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Yummy Bazaar

Yummy Bazaar is an online shopping subscription and destination service where you can buy gourmet food from all over the world. According to the official website of the company, they offer a big collection of premium food foods claims that they take great care to source the products of high quality for their customers, but is it really so? We took a closer look at what the company offers and here is what we found out. At the time of our research, the company offered an online store of international food items from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Columbia, and the United States. Two subscription boxes are available: a "Full Experience" box with 6-8 full-sized items, and a "World Sampler" box with 5-6 sample-sized products from a number of different countries.

When you select to gift or get a Yummy Bazaar subscription box, you will need to select the variety of foods you want first, as well as how long you want to commit to the service. Both the Sampler boxes and Full Experience can be ordered as a one-time purchase or three-month, six-month, and twelve-month subscriptions. The company behind the service is badly known in the country, thus it cannot be trusted to the fullest. They offer a rewards program for registered customers. A new member automatically receives 99 points. Every dollar spent on a subscription or food products earns one point. You can also send an email to the company to gain points for purchases you haven't redeemed. These points can be transferred into coupon codes that are activated during checkout. 100 points bring $5 off, 200 points bring $12 off, 300 points bring $20 off, 400 points bring $30 off, while 500 points bring $50 off.

Customer Reviews - Does Yummy Bazaar Really Work?

Both subscription packages (Sampler and Full Experience) offer a standardized collection of food products, which means that each subscriber will get the same products each month. Most Full Experience boxes have a certain theme. We looked at the products that were inside the December 2018 boxes and found out that these included the following full-sized items from Italy, Spain, Germany, and Sweden. A stollen is a traditional holiday cake coated in a layer of icing with candied fruit inside. This dish is made by a 430-year-old German confectionery company. It is designed to be the final course for a holiday meal. Tre Marie Panettone is a classic Italian holiday cake that consists of three dough types. Lambertz Cinnamon Stars are German cookies with a crumbly texture, spice and icing. Black Truffle Chips are Spanish potato chips with a truffle taste. Christmas Soda is a Sweden sweetened drink with a slight hoppy taste, caffeine free. Spanish Artisanal Marshmallows look like lollipops and come in a variety of different shapes like snowmen and Santa.

World Sampler Box is a month's sampler box that includes the next items. French Hot Chocolate is a cocoa beverage that provides a fruity, vanilla blend. Motta Panettone is a mini panettone that comes from Italy and has candied fruits and sweet raisins inside. Sparkling Potato Chips are Spanish in origin. According to the company, all products from Yummy Bazaar's subscription boxes are sold through the official store, so it can be rebought from each order.

Do actual customers appreciate their Yummy Bazaar subscription boxes? We looked through available reviews on the official website of the company and other online websites. Most of the customers are not impressed with the company's service. Many of them noted that their orders were deayed and did not come in time. Fragile items were often damaged from shipping. In terms of the value of each box, most reviewer noted that their boxes were not worth the money they cost. Some people didn't enjoy every food item within the boxes. Overall, customer reviews on Yummy Bazaar website highly rated each of the product. It's no surprise because they are probably fake. The company was publishing only positive reviews, which seem to be fake. There is no accurate representation of how the clients of Yummy Bazaar really felt. We have looked through many of these reviews and found out that customers were not always satisfied with the quality of the products they received from the company. Yummy Bazaar didn't offer much of a discount on the foods within their subscription boxes, which made the subscription more expensive. It may turn out to be cheaper to buy what you want from the supermarket. Here are some of the real users' testimonials found online.

"I made my first Yummy Bazaar order on April 7, 2018. At first I was happy to find the site selling the products I couldn't find anywhere else. Then I noticed one big problem. Their review system is dishonest, and customer service is unresponsive. My first review was never posted on the official website. They post only highly positive reviews or even write them themselves. I will not order anything from Yummy Bazaar again."

"I ordered a six pack of Yummy Bazaar flour. They arrived on Feb. 1 and I checked my purchase thoroughly. I was shocked to see that an expiration date was Feb. 11. I should have been informed about this before I purchased the product. I don't think I will be able to use all this flour before the expiration date."

"Yummy Bazaar may have products that are hard to find in traditional stores but this is an awful company. I worked there for two days and I learnt that its owner was Chinese. He is a rude man who could not say a polite word being a complete dum. He forced his employees to work at the weekend without increasing their salary. Never work for this company."

My Final Summary

With these facts in mind, Yummy Bazaar does not appear to be worth subscribing to. The company really offers a comprehensive collection of products from all over the world. Their boxes are themed, but their contents are often damaged. If you are looking for value, you might want to look elsewhere. This brand doesn't offer discounts for signing up for their service. The contents of the boxes might not be much different from the product you may buy separately at a much lower price. Customer reviews we have found for the company during our research are mixed. Many of them are negative. If you would like to try Yummy Bazaar but you don't want to commit for the long term, you may want to order a single box. There are many complaints about the unresponsiveness of the company's customer service. They seem to use shady and dishonest practices. With all this in mind, I would not recommend buying products from Yummy Bazaar.

Where To Buy Yummy Bazaar In Stores?

At the time of writing this review, the price of Full Experience box was $35.95 per month, while the World Sampler cost $9.95 per month. There are no discounts for purchasing a longer subscription - you will have to pay the same price each month. You can opt for gift subscriptions as they won't auto-renew after expiration, unlike standard subscriptions. All orders are shipped out between the 15 and 18th of every month, and they are expected to arrive within 2-4 days. The company offers free shipping for purchases over $49. Yummy Bazaar promises to provide a refund on any products you are not satisfied with; however, you have to return them to the company in an unopened condition within 30 days. Opened products are not eligible for return. If you have any questions, contact the company through their contact page or by calling at 1 (844) 986-6922.