Zulily Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Zulily Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Zulily is a company based out of Seattle, WA, that provides babies, kids and their moms with a wide variety of goods from different brands in categories such as toys, women's and children's clothing, housewares, etc. The company was founded in 2009, and has developed significantly since then. It holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau with only 93 closed complaints within the past several years. According to our research, Zulily has a mixed online reputation from customers. Common complaints centered on being billed for items twice, slow shipping, substandard customer service, and poor quality merchandise. Fortunately, the company appears to quickly solve customers' issues and to diligently address any of their complaints. Are these claims true? This question can only be answered by looking at the functioning of Zulily as well as at the customers' reviews about this company.

Zulily works by searching for the best deals, which can alter on a daily basis. For example, one day you may find nice deals on educational products and the next day the company may focus on eco-friendly things. To start receiving daily emails, you will need to sign up by entering your email address, your first and last names, and choosing a password. Once you decide to buy an item, you will also need to enter billing and shipping addresses, as well as payment information. No matter what kind of items you are buying, their purchases are called "events". You can start shopping at 6am PST every day. Some events last only one day, while others can last as long as 72 hours. Some events feature one theme or brand, while others can feature a few. Most events are often sold out before their end date. That is why it is recommended to take a look at your email from Zulily early in the morning, and go to their site as soon as possible. You can use the app to shop from your device.

Customer Reviews - Does Zulily Really Work?

It is interesting to know that the Zulily website is divided into five sections. New Today is the section that features new events that started today. The section called Best Sellers includes the date the events end and the most popular items available on the website. Last Day is the section that features events that are going to expire that day. Shop by Size is the category that allows you to see sizes from infants to adults. Shop by Category allows you to choose from boys, girls, women, and home, maternity and baby, and much more. No matter which page you are on, you are going to see further events for the next day and week. You can click on one of the events to view information on the general category and the brand.

There are numerous customer reviews online about Zulily. As it was already mentioned, the website and the company in general seem to have a mixed reputation. Common complaints have been depicted higher in this review, so let's take a look at positive opinions of the users. One woman writes that Zulily is her number one choice for online shopping. She absolutely adores the customer service offered by the company. Of course, shopping online means that you risk sizing, but this is not the fault of the company. The sellers try to be descriptive in their sizing chart. But if you have any doubts you can always call the customer service and ask you questions. This woman simply called them whenever she had any issue with any purchases. They have always been very careful and helpful.

Another customer reports that she will always shop with this website because she is highly pleased with the work of the guys working on it. she simply does not believe the crappy reviews online because they are not true, as the woman believes. In her opinion, all of the negative testimonials have been written by the people who don't read the rules described on the website. This woman has never missed a shipment, and nothing has ever got lost in mail. She only had positive experience, taking into account the fact that she has been shopping since 2014. Another user writes that she has made some mistakes with sizing, but she was able to give the stuff to her friends. All items are reasonably priced, some of them are quite unusual, and so wearing clothes from this website you will get lots of compliments. Let us take a look at some of the actual customer reviews left online.

"I have already received two orders from Zulily and I stayed 100% pleased with both of them. I chose brands I have used before. My advice is to avoid buying shoes, slacks or jeans as they cannot be returned. I liked that the delivery was really fast. The items on the site are cheaper than on other stores like Burke's Outlet. The things I bought had excellent quality. By the way, my purchases were well-packaged and in great condition. I am satisfied with my brand things and the company in general."

"I am very happy with zulily. I have shopped from many other online stores but this one has become my favourite one. I have used it for many years already. In fact, I started when my grandkids were babies and now they are two teens. It was in far 2011. I have no complaints about this store. On the contrary I am always pleased with the greatest service. I do recommend this store to my friends."

"Zulily is one of few stores I use when shopping online. I pay special attention to the brand, as well as the material that the product is made of, the cost, the size, shipping and delivery time. You can also follow these simple rules to succeed in online shopping. I have not been disappointed with this store yet, even though I have purchased many items. I did not have to return anything in the last several years. Recently I have bought name brand shoes at a big discount and I was very happy with the purchase. I have also ordered sheet sets, blankets, comforters, window treatments, kitchen ware, etc. Great results in all cases."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that Zulily is a really worthy online store, especially for moms and their kids. However, guys will also find many interesting items and brand clothes. Most people who have tried shopping online with this store report that they have really enjoyed it. the website offers good products, fast delivery, and reasonable prices. Be sure that if you parcel goes missing the staff of the company will quickly resolve this issue. There are some bad reviews about the company but they seem to be very insignificant. Most of the customers' testimonials are very positive.

The first thing users like about the Zulily website is speedy delivery. The delivery to Australia may take only 8 days after placing an order online. You will receive a tracking number to know when the item is shipped, so you will always know where your purchase is. The majority of people report having pleasant experience of cooperation with Zulily! The only drawback is that some items (like shoes and jeans) cannot be returned if they don't fit you. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I do recommend Zulily.

Zulily Pricing and Rates

Due to the wide variety of products offered by the site, prices can vary significantly, though you can get a great ability to earn $15 for each friend you refer. There is no sales tax on your order, unless you live in Washington State, Nevada, or Ohio. The cost of shipping depends on a variety of factors.