Advanced Mac Cleaner Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Advanced Mac Cleaner

The modern market is full of well-known Mac optimization software but there are still many optimizers out there for you to choose from. The only thing required from you is readiness to accept some compromises and possible risks. You may come across hidden gems, while sometimes you might not find a spectacular solution, but it still does its job well enough. Advanced Mac Cleaner is a basic cleaning solution hailing from India. If you buy this software – which becomes cheaper as you use it - you will get access to a decent client with vital cleanup options, including a voice-aided cleanup and full scan to such rarities as a rogue app remover. In addition, you will also get an internet history wiper, uninstaller, and a file manager, which will allow you to keep other parts of your Mac clean too.

As you open Advanced Mac Cleaner's client, the software performs a fast scan. Then you will be warned that the cleanup is starting by a voice. The same will happen every time you launch the program without license key. Once your software is activated, the automated scanning goes away; however, the vocal warning remains when you choose the manual scans. This is a positive feature, especially for the visually impaired users. It may become irritating for regular users after a while. According to real users of Advanced Mac Cleaner, its functions are quite simple and are divided into three logical categories, namely utilities, cleanup features, and the file manager. There is an option to download and pay for Mac Ads Cleaner, another application developed by the same company that includes some additional system optimizing features, such as iOS junk cleanup and iTunes.

Customer Reviews - Does Advanced Mac Cleaner Really Work?

The process of performing scans with the One Touch feature or choosing an individual scan will take no longer than seconds on our MacBook can be repeated many times without limits. Using the One Touch cleanup, which searches for junk in different locations on your computer, you'll get vocal warning. This will allow you seeing how serious the problems are and which files need to be deleted, but you cannot choose the files you wish to be spared. To do so, you will have to choose one of the cleanup options, ranging from log, cache, extra language removal, trash, and, the option to get rid of harmful apps. No matter which scan you perform, the amount of junk can be checked on the left panel of the client. These are all free features of Advanced Mac Cleaner, because the cleanup itself can only be performed if you purchase a license key. The process itself is very fast: it takes only a few seconds for the cleaner to deal with about 600MB of cache junk. The One Touch cleanup can be done at an impressive speed. It is not good, though, that after all the junk files are removed, the program asks you to start the cleanup again.

Non-cleaning features do their job in a thorough and fast manner, providing you with different additional optimization options. What you are going to get is the internet history manager (for cleaning your cookies, browsers' history, and temporary files), the self-explanatory uninstaller, and the startup manager which will allow you to block definite programs from launching during the booting up process. There are two file managers - one for large items and one for duplicate files, which give you the opportunity to choose a path where the cleaner can search for undesired files, facilitating the scanning and removal process. The manager for large files gives you a chance to take a peek inside your music, photo, movie, archive and document library, and decide what needs to be deleted for good and what needs to be kept. As it was already mentioned, the use of Advanced Mac Cleaner is quite self-explanatory and is unlikely to malfunction; however, if something goes wrong you may count on the customer service of the company behind the product. It promises 24/7 support and even has live chat. You can not only turn to the staff via email but also with a support ticket. There is phone support. The other support options include an inexhaustive FAQ, a base where you can learn about everything you need to know, including the news and troubleshooter sections. There are quite many customer reviews about Advanced Mac Cleaner on third-party websites. Most of them carry a positive character as the users appear to be satisfied with the cleaner. One man writes in his testimonial that he has a MB Pro since mid 2012. He recently got a notification about the availability of an update that came with an offer to install a free program called Advanced Mac Cleaner. It promises to protect and clean up one's Mac. The man ran the program and seems to be pleased with its work.

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"Due to Advanced Mac Cleaner I bought several months ago I don't have to worry about the security of my computer. This app does the checking and cleanups without my directions or help. It is really convenient to me, so I recommend buying this app to everyone. You can get Advanced Mac Cleaner discount coupons on social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter, by visiting forums and blogs related to Advanced Mac Cleaner products."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Advanced Mac Cleaner, this application appears to have a lot of positives. It provides simple client, individual and full scans and cleanups, vocal warning after scans, a harmful app remover. The application costs only $3.33 per month after the first six months. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. There is scan-only free version. The company offers good customer support, so that you can address it whenever you have any questions or concerns. You can get exclusive Advanced Mac Cleaner promo codes.

When shopping for Advanced Mac Cleaner products online, it advised to visit PromoCodeWatch before checking out. This will allow you to save some money on your purchase. The product we have discussed in this review is really advanced as it offers a number of services needed for each computer. It contains the most essential cleanup features and additional optimizing options, and compared to the competition, it is not expensive. You can use scan-only version completely for free. This is a user-friendly software that does its job well and provides quick, thorough scans as well as cleaning. The vocal instructions are another positive feature. Individual cleanings can professionally remove malicious apps and other files, programs, and all undesired data. Besides, the more you use this program, the more money you save. Overall, Advanced Mac Cleaner will serve your needs quite well for a long period of time. I do recommend this application to usage.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, you can download Advanced Mac Cleaner for free completely with no need to buy a license. But in this case you will be limited to performing scans only. If you want to perform cleanups and buy a license then you will need to pay $39.95 for the first six months of use (with MasterCard, Visa, Discover credit/debit card, AmEx, or PayPal). After that the price drops to $19.97 for every six months (about $3.33 per month). The subscription comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can also get the special Sticky Password management tool for additional $9.99 per six months ($4.99 for every six months thereafter) and a Mac memory optimizer for free.