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Battle Vision

Battle Vision is a brand of tactical HD sunglasses that are designed to enhance vision by blocking glare. According to the manufacturer, these are durable polarized sunglasses that brighten colors, improve clarity, and protect from UV rays. There is little information about the company behind the product, but they have an official website,, that was registered in October 2017. Earlier this product was called Sniper Vision. It was advertised a lot in September 2017. There are many similar elements on the websites of these two products. Their design is also very similar. The only thing known about the manufacturer of Battle Vision is that the company is called Atomic Beam and it manufactures some other products. According to the official website, these glasses have a number of benefits. They dim sunshine, provide color enhancement and UV protection. The product features polarized lenses to reduce glare and bright high definition optics. It is made from flexible shape-memory polymer. You are promised to see 10 times clearer.

Battle Vision glasses can be used when driving at night, since they fight the glare from headlights, which can blind one and make it difficult to see the road. As a result, accidents may occur. These glasses have a coating that resists glare, which makes them suitable for driving at night and on a foggy day. The glasses have a special coating that has been made to resist ultraviolet light. The yellow coating blocks out this kind of wavelength. Much of the glare from oncoming headlights is actually in the ultraviolet end of the spectrum. This principle also works under such low visibility conditions, as on a rainy day or a foggy morning. Can Battle Vision really improve visibility and make driving during the night safer? Can it decrease the possibility of accidents by providing greater clarity? These questions are to be answered further in this review. Let us take a look at the features of the product and what real users think about their experience of using it.

Customer Reviews - Does Battle Vision Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, these sunglasses have a number of positive features. The first one is the aesthetic look of the product. These glasses look elegant and stylish however, they will not fit everyone's image. It is up to you to decide whether you like this anti-glare device or not. It is claimed on the official website that one size fits all; however, it is not mentioned in what way these glasses can be adjusted to fit. The manufacturer does not say whether these glasses can be worn by children. One size for all makes the unit useful and cost-effective but it cannot be worn by all family members at a time. Another advantage of these glasses is that they can be used in combination with any sort of accessory on your head, for instance, a hat or a headband. Battle Vision glasses are light in weight, since they are made of special polymers. Unfortunately, there is a belief that the materials from which the product is made can cause cancer. The company does not comment this opinion, which is a big red flag. But they promise that wearing these glasses will be hardly felt on the wearer's face, because of the lightweight materials. The latter are said to be extremely durable despite their light weight. This is possible due to the sophisticated engineering principles applied to the glasses’ design. This allows them to resist almost any kind of damage. The materials of which the glasses are made are tensile, so they can be flexed rather than broken. This also contributes to their ability to resist damage, so you will be able to use these glasses for a considerable amount of time. The lenses of the product are claimed to be very resistant to shuttering, which allows them to resist high levels of stress and force. These claims made by the manufacturer of the product sound very promising but the reality says quite the opposite. Many users say that the glasses are not as sturdy and durable as advertised by the company.

There are limited customer reviews about the product online. They carry a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. One customer complains that the product cannot make driving any safer as promised by the manufacturer. The product does not appear to provide the necessary levels of ability to see clearly in hard conditions. There is no evidence that these glasses reduce the glare from oncoming vehicles or improve visibility in any other ways. The only thing these glasses allow is to spot necessary things, such as oncoming vehicles and street signs. You will better see people crossing the street, but not under such bad weather conditions as thick fog or heavy rain. This may decrease the risk of accidents but not significantly. Do not hope that these glasses will make driving completely safe for your, pedestrians and other drivers. This unit can be used in all weather conditions. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available on third-party websites.

"Battle Vision is made by an absolutely irresponsible manufacturer who suggests a fake commercial. For example, it is shown in the commercial that these glasses can be used while flying any modern aircraft. That's not true! You risk your life wearing these glasses."

"I am not sure but I have read that BattleVision is made from the cheap plastic that may cause cancer. I have learnt this after I had ordered the product, so I had to cancel my order. Besides, one of my friends has bought these glasses. They broke after a few days of usage. They are just not sturdy enough. I cannot recommend these glasses to anyone."

"My dad bought a pair of Battle vision glasses. At first he was satisfied with his purchase, but then rain water got on his glasses. He tried to dry them off and, as a result, the shimmery part rubbed off. He is not pleased with his purchase any more. To tell you the truth, this product is not worth buying."

My Final Summary

Driving can be very hazardous when you do it under adverse conditions, for instance, in a heavy fog, heavy rain, or on snow flurry at night. Taking into account everything we have learnt about Battle Vision glasses, we don't think that they could become a good option for drivers under the conditions of darkness and low visibility. These glasses do not seem to counter these adverse conditions based on real users' reviews. These glasses provide a low anti-glare effect, so they should not be trusted completely when you are using them on the road. Some people report that these glasses are made from low-quality materials that may potentially cause cancer. With all these advantages and disadvantages in mind, Battle Vision glasses cannot be recommended to usage. The modern market offers a wide variety of better alternatives.

Where To Buy Battle Vision In Stores?

The product can be bought from As Seen on TV Commercial page: The cost of one pair of Battle Vision sunglasses is $19.99 plus $5.00 shipping. Thus, the total price will be $24.99. You can add a second pair of glasses for another $9.99. There is an opportunity to upgrade to the "Deluxe Double" (a pair of Battle Vision sunglasses and its "Night Vision" counterpart). Each purchase comes in a special carrying case meant to protect the product from possible damage. At present, Battle Vision is not available in stores.