FonoChat Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE FonoChat Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


FonoChat is an experimental phone service into which hispanic members living in North America could call-in in order to be connected to other hispanics either heterosexual or homosexual. Since 1990 when it was launched, Fonochat has grown into the largest phone dating chatline for latinos in the USA and Canada. Initially, the line was designed for Spanish-speaking audience only, but with time FonoChat started hosting also English-speaking members on their huge phone platform. This is an absolutely confidential program that provides a large platform to talk and meet with other singles. It is a great place to establish immediate, connections and express your personality. The team behind the service appreciates the uniqueness of the Hispanic culture and intends to offer a fast and safe link connect to exciting singles. You can meet these people either just for fun, friendship, or relationship. A phone chatline offers a unique way to find singles. You can hear their voices and based on the emotions you feel you can choose the one you want to start talking to. The program avoids planned texting and the analysis of one's online profile. Instead, it gets you right to a direct interaction.

It is a straightforward and easy process to get started with FonoChat. All you will need to do is to call their toll-free number at 1-888-822-7862 and follow the instructions. You will be asked to record your name after an introductory greeting. It is important to represent yourself on the line. Even if you don't know what to say, you can listen to sample greetings by pressing a key. Then you can make your own recording. After it is approved by one of the company's moderators, you can listening to the greetings of other members. While the greeting is playing, you can fell like contacting this person, so just send them a private message, ask them to join you in a private conversation. If you don't feel like writing to the person, skip to the next greeting. You can also make good use of other FonoChat features, such as adding other members to your Hotlist, so you will be alerted when they are online to send them an ice-breaker to start your communication. You can also block the callers who are not interesting to you. In this way, you can control every move. To acquire your local FonoChat number, enter your area code and click Go. Call the number shown for your local area. Take note of the Free Trial Code. You will guided by the voice prompts through the system.

Customer Reviews - Does FonoChat Really Work?

We have found quite a number of testimonials from current and former members of FonoChat. Most of them like the platform and claim that joining is for the first time is easy. Latinas are provided with free membership, which is a great advantage for them. FonoChat will never ask you for any credit card information. Free membership offers you many choices and positive experience. If you are a Latino guy, you can start with a free trial to check whether FonoChat is suitable for you. It is very easy and you are expected to start talking to hot women pretty soon. Just call the local number you get on the site. Then follow the prompts to get free minutes. Record your greeting and start talking to other members. You should call from the same number during your free trial. If your number has been used earlier on the platform, it will not be eligible for a free trial again. When your trial is over, a first-time paid member can benefit from new membership Double-the-Minutes.

In addition to the free trial, as a paid member you have access to extra features including access from any phone number, which means you can connect to FonoChat from any part of the world. There is perfect customer service that allows you to meet their Client Service agents faster for you to go back to chatting with other singles. You can benefit from quick renewal because you can add minutes in an easy and fast way. It is especially valuable when you are in the middle of a talk with a sexy Latina you want to keep talking to. That call is held for you while you are adding minutes. FonoChat platform is operating round the clock, and certain times can be particularly popular. Being a Paid Member, you will always have free access to the system and will not have a busy signal. You can also enjoy Ad-Free Chating, which means that you won't have to listen to ads while chatting with a beautiful lady. Paid Members can browse through the greetings of ladies without any distraction from the ads.

As a Paid Member you can enjoy priority messaging. When you hear a message from a woman you wish to talk to, your message is sent to her ahead of the messages from Free Trial users. You can also access online self-service to check your balance, add minutes, and manage your account. You can use your recorded greeting, so you will not need to create a new one every time. Starting chatting with ladies has never been easier! The Loyalty Program allows each member to earn bonus chat time and some rewards for being a loyal Paid Member. There are certain rules of using FonoChat. You should be friendly and treat others with respect. Ddiscrimination based on race, age, or gender is prohibited. The service is available to people over 18 only. State your actual gender. Recording your greeting speak in the language of the room you enter, English or Spanish. No solicitation of funds, services, goods, or advertising is allowed on the platform. Offensive behavior is not allowed too, including abusive, obscene, racists, or defamatory speech. Do not give your personal information in your greeting, such as your phone number, email address, work and home address, websites, etc. Let us take a look at what actual users of the platform are saying about it.

"It is very easy to navigate FonoChat and to use the available features. I just follow the prompts online. I have an opportunity to request connections, skip greetings, send messages, repeat messages, and even block those people I don't want to hear from again. I can send as many messages as I want to other members. Then I can reply with a message. I have met a girl I like a lot and we are learning each other better with each day. we plan to meet soon."

"I have had a great experience with FonoChat. There are many latinas who are as lonely as I am. I talk to a few of them regularly. I have added them to my Hotlist, so I get notifications when they are online to interact with them. I hope I will meet someone who will want to share life with me in the future. I like that FonoaChat keeps my conversations discreet. The company also provides guidelines to help their clients protect themselves."

"I have been using FonoChat since 2005 and I am satisfied with the service. I usually end up hooking up with a latina, and sometimes I talk to white and black girls. What I like about the service is that I can always contact the customer service department if I have any question. The site is not made by frauds. They check every potential member by asking them a name, phone number, address, social security number, or check-by-phone account number. They need this information only when processing your order."

My Final Summary

Summing up, FonoChat is a chatline that provides you with interaction facility, without planned texting or the necessity to create your own online profile. It allows you to control your moves, to add callers to your hotlist and to interact with the one you are interested in by receiving alerts when that caller is online. You can also block a caller you are not interested in. As a paid member you can connect to the platform from any corner of the world through your phone number. FonoChat offers quick renewal facility for you to be able to easily add minutes even when talking to another person, as your call will be hold for a few moments. You can also browse through the ladies' greetings without being interrupted by ads because. Here are some more advantages of using FonoChat. Getting started with the system is straightforward. A paid member can manage their account and check their balance. You can enjoy priority access to the platform without experiencing busy signals. Paid members can save their greeting to avoid the necessity of developing a new one. The platform is 100% free for ladies. Regular members are rewarded with loyalty bonuses - additional chat time and some other rewards. The system provides priority access into the chatroom even in busy hours and on busy days. Paid members of the platform receive access to their private mailbox and to the HotList which helps them to meet latinas in their area.

No service can be perfect and FonoChat is not an exception. The disadvantage of using the system is that free trial members can face busy signals on busy days or during busy hours of the day. They also may encounter adds in between the conversation, which can distract them. It is also advised to be careful while talking to other members of the system, especially in the beginning, and avoid disclosing personal information. Taking into account all pros and cons of FonoChat, we can recommend this popular phone chatline to usage.

FonoChat Pricing and Rates

The official website of the platform is The customers of FonoChat are charge different rates depending on the subscription package. 10 minutes can be bought for $4.99, 60 minutes - for $9.99 and 120 minutes - for $29.99. You can buy extra minutes later on based on your subscription package. Your time starts counting down after you make the recording of your greeting and start listening to the greetings of other members. If you are inactive for 90 days, your account will be deactivated and any time left won't be refunded to you. FonoChat offers a free trial for people based in U.S. You will need to call a phone number to see which offer you can benefit from. Payments can be made by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, check-by-phone, Discover Card, and Western Union. Check-by-phone and Discover Card are available for Americans only. All of these are discreet payments. Credit cards are directed to your financial institution, so you are informed of whether your payment is accepted. Charges and fees are nonrefundable. Only in limited cases you will be able to get a refund - when the problem is the fault of Fonochat.