Ibotta Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Ibotta is a high-quality money-saving app that has become very popular lately. It is easy to download and navigate. This app is mainly focused on in-store purchases. It is a digital equivalent of mailer coupons but instead of searching for coupons you can quickly look through them on your phone and choose the ones you need. Once you find the necessary coupon, you tap on the "+" symbol, watch a 15-second ad or answer a question like "Which kind would you like to try, Strawberry or Blueberry?" Once the purchase is complete, you will need to scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt. If there is no QR code on the receipt you'll have to scan the whole receipt. Ibotta is expected to post the earnings to your account within a couple of hours. Once you've got $20 in earnings, the money can be cashed out via Venmo, PayPal, or a gift card. It is vital to mention that Ibotta is a completely legal app with its own business model. The retailers and product manufacturers pay Ibotta for promotion of their stores or items. As a result, they face an increase in sales). Your earnings come from a portion of their commission. Ibotta has their headquarters in Colorado. The company has been in business for about eight years, which is quite a term for a company of the kind. Similar companies include Swagbucks and Ebates but they have certain drawbacks. Ibotta has partnerships with VRBO, ticketmaster, and sephora.com. These types of businesses are important for proper development of the company. With this app, you can shop online on these stores from any part of the world. Ibotta also cooperates with Wegmans, Walgreens, Wawa, WalMart, Best Buy, Target and CVS, as well as numerous liquor stores, bars and restaurants. Besides, it offers discount coupons at select bars and restaurants. You are really lucky if you've got this app. Let us take a look at what real users of Ibotta think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Ibotta Really Work?

Well, during our deep research we have encountered a great number of testimonials from people who havee used Ibotta. It is obvious that the majority of them are highly positive in character. What they like the most about this phone app is that it is absolutely free and allows to earn money from items you buy regularly. You don't have to pay a cent for the service and you don't have to buy anything specific. It's a good way for Ibotta, stores, and you to win. This is a safe and legit app. The app has offers for different popular brand-name items, like kitchen staples. There is always $0.50 off on any brand of apples, bread, eggs, milk, and cheese. Deals on wine and beer can be even more beneficial. You can face $4 off on a 12-pack of beers. With Ibotta you don't have to mess around with strange currencies or points. You deal with dollars only. If you redeem a $4 coupon, it means that you will get $4 put into your account. Many promotional sites use points, which are unclear to deal with. Ibotta purchase approval takes about 24 hours, but you can get your redemptions within just a few hours of submitting the QR code. Walmart purchases usually take a couple of minutes.

Another advantage of the Ibotta app is that it features Nearby Store Alerts that will send you notifications reminding you that you have entered a store that cooperates with Ibotta. Ibotta deals can be combined with store deals, which will bring you even more discount. The app also has a barcode scanner that informs you whether the product you are considering is eligible for the offer you have selected before. This is done before you make a purchase, so you have enough time to think if this product is worth your money. Ibotta app also offers challenges for you to get bonus cash. For instance, the Weekend Warrior challenge allows you to redeem three offers during the same weekend. As a result, you get $5. You can get more cash for referring friends. Besides, you will also get a percentage of their earnings.

However, Ibotta app has some drawbacks too. Stores use discount coupons in order to make customers spend more money. As a result, you may just waste your hardly earned money on the things you actually don't need. All people like attractive deals. But it is wrong to buy things just because they are on sale. If you live in a small town, there may be not many stores for you to use. Target and Walmart may be your only local options. Ibotta can't be reached from a computer. You only have a phone app and you can shop at online stores only through your Ibotta's app. These are though minor drawbacks of the service which are not big problems for the majority of the customers. Here are some testimonials from actual users of Ibotta.

One woman reports that she has earned $160 within one month including progressive monthly bonuses and the sign up bonus. According to her words, it is vital to read the overall instructions especially store names and receipts, as well as requirements for each dollar back rebate. Remember to scan the item in-store to verify if it is eligible. The woman has had two issues occur out of thirty receipts submitted. She called the customer service and asked for help. It took four days for them to solve the customer's problems and to credit the woman correctly. The woman has experience being a mystery shopper, so she has perfect attention to detail. This is probably the reason why the customer has different impression from Ibotta than the average person. You need to read the receipt attentively, scan in store and keep products out when submitting your receipt at home. Sometimes you may need to be patient regarding the customer service. Following these pieces of advice, you are expected to have a positive experience.

One young lady reports that she was thrilled with the Ibotta app since she signed upon June. She earned her $20 new member reward, which was not as easy as it may seem. The woman has accumulated more than $200 since June and she recommends everyone to read all the rules on getting cash back as well as exclusions of the products. You will have to follow the directions and you will earn your cash back. It feels like some people don't want to read the details and expect to get the rewards. They tend to read what is written in bold. The young lady has been satisfied with Ibotta's customer service. The reps respond within a short period of time and they have always credited her account in case of an error. No system is perfect, but, according to this customer's words, their system comes close to it. She has no affiliation with Ibotta and she feels happy to have discovered this app. She is sure that haters should learn to read the details in order not to do anything wrong. It is important to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. These are actual app users' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"Ibotta focuses on the stores you shop at, which is a great benefit. You can use the coupons offered by the application and get connected to your stores. Remember that stores don't have the same deals. There are free items in some stores, while you will be offered HEY GET $.10 JUST FOR SHOPPING in other shops. This is not a big deal but it adds up for those customers who have to pinch pennies. With this app I can even shop for grocery and foods. To tell you the truth, I don&'t understand why many users gave bad reviews online! I love this app! I have saved $85 within just one mouth."

"I have read a lot of negative reviews about Ibotta; however, I have had completely the opposite experience. I use it at Walmart, Kroger, Target, and even Amazon. I have had positive experiences with all of these shops. Recently, I connected my Kroger loyalty card was, but the loyalty card didn't credit the account for one of my purchases. I clicked the dispute button and contacted the company's customer service. Within just two days they emailed me back. They were very helpful. It is convenient to purchase through this app. I just cashed out and got an Amazon gift card. I was pleasantly surprised to find the code in my mailbox within just a couple of minutes of cashing out. I would recommend the company if you want to earn money on your regular shopping."

"I am really impressed with Ibotta. I have almost 50 dollars now. Sometimes, I have to call the customer service and their reps have always been fast and helpful. Once, they credited my account when I misunderstood the rebate. They just asked me to re-read the rebate offer. They have been polite and kind. For me, this is the best app. It is very easy to use the app!"

My Final Summary

Ibotta is a mobile app that is able to save you money on shopping for the products you need. It is absolutely free to join. You don't have to pay anything for subscription. The company cooperates with a great number of stores online. Online shopping has never been easier with this app. There is a vast variety of local grocery stores and even pharmacy options. The majority of customers are happy with the app. They often say in their reviews that they tend to get quick turn around on approved earnings. It is also easy to withdraw your earnings via venmo, paypal, gift card. There are no fees for withdrawing the funds. The app features a barcode and a receipt scanner. There are no coupons to clip and carry with you to the stores. At the same time, Ibotta has some disadvantages. The app lacks a loyalty card program and some features. The majority of users are pleased with the customer service. Their questions are answered in a fast manner. No doubt, Ibotta has a number of advantages over similar apps, thus, I can certainly recommend this app to save your money.

Ibotta Pricing and Rates

Ibotta application is absolutely free to sign to and use. So, it is a great opportunity for your family to get a couple of dollars every month. There are also no fees for withdrawing your earnings. For more details, visit the company's website.