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JetBlue Plus Card

The JetBlue Plus Card is an airline rewards credit card that offers a solid points bonus structure. The latter presupposes a considerable bonus for purchasing tickets from the airline. For this reason, JetBlue fans may just love this card. Generally speaking the JetBlue Company is well known for its high customer-service rankings and comfortable flights. But be aware that just because the card has some interesting rewards, doesn't mean it is necessarily suitable for you. This credit card has its own disadvantages too. But at first we are going to focus on the perks of the card. So, you will be enabled to make a wise decision whether you need this card or not. The official website of the company is very subjective since it speaks about the benefits only but it does not emphasize the category of people who won't like the card.

We have already mentioned airline rewards associated with the JetBlue Plus Card. That's because this credit card is linked to a particular airline and allows the cardholder to earn points for an airline's frequent flyer program. This is an advantage of this card because earning frequent flyer miles is great. Unfortunately, it may be pretty difficult. The more miles you fly the more points you will get. If you fly on the airline only once a year, you won't get significant rewards miles. The card offers buy-nine-get-one-free deal that works for purchasing coffee at your local gas station. The JetBlue offers a frequent flyer program called TrueBlue. If you have an account, you will enter your membership number when applying for JetBlue Plus Card. If you don't have a TrueBlue account, you will be assigned one after getting the approval for the card.

Customer Reviews - Does JetBlue Plus Card Really Work?

Let's continue the topic of JetBlue Plus card perks. Whenever you use the card to buy travel through JetBlue, you will earn six points for every dollar you spend. For example, if you buy a $350 round-trip ticket, you will get 2,100 points. This bonus applies not only to flights. According to the card's fine print, you can also get the bonus if you book vacations via the JetBlue site. There are some purchases that wouldn't count toward this kind of bonus including frequent flyer points purchases via JetBlue as well as duty-free purchases on JetBlue flights. The next round of bonuses is double points on restaurant and grocery purchases. It means that you will earn two points for every dollar you spend at a restaurant or a grocery store. Exceptions to this category include big-box stores like Target and Walmart, warehouse clubs like Sam's Club and Costco. Based on the average American's spending habits, this bonus could help you to earn over 14,000 points. There is also catch-all bonus which presupposes earning 1 point for every dollar spent in other categories not classified as JetBlue. An average household's spending could earn about 18,000 points a year in this category. Adding these projected points to the 2x and 6x bonuses could help you to earn 35,000 points per year.

The 30,000-point bonus is the bonus you get only once if you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days of using the card. Usually, this goal is achieved by most families in the first month of using the card. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for the bonus points to appear in your account after you hit the requirement. The final bonus you can get with this card is a 5,000-point bonus. It is added to your account on your card member anniversary. It will also take up to 4-6 weeks for the points to appear in your account.

It is high time to take a look at the public opinion about the JetBlue Plus Card. The experts on other websites than HighYa say that it is a solid choice only for heavy travelers. If you don't fly a lot, you will not find this card beneficial enough. The consumer reviews we encountered about this card had a mixed character. There were both positive and negative testimonials. While some consumers are happy with the rewards and benefits they received on their card, others say that they are not worth the $99 annual fee. Beware with the card terms if you are concerned about mailing out copies of your Social Security card with utility bill and ID. The company does not allow using fax. One customer tells that after he received his card he tried to make a payment, so he went to open up his profile. The man had an error trying to get a pin code. Then every time he had to withdraw money he had to call them and explain his issue in detail. Then he was asked to send them his Social Security card id, utility bills and Driver's license copies. The man didn't want to risk those documents by mail, which is why he asked to fax it to a Manager's name. Then he called them back to check whether it was received but it wasn't. It was impossible to go personally to their office. As a result, his Username was blocked and the man could not get access to his account. Let us take a look at some other actual customers' testimonials.

"I got JetBlue PlusCard this card mid March 2018. I met the 40K bonus requirement in a month only but I didn't see my points until June. In general, I got this card to pay for my flights in June. I was disappointed with such late work of the staff. I cannot recommend thi card to anyone. I may be spoiled by my Venture and Chase Sapphire Preferred. Who knows?"

"Do not get Jet Blue Plus Card ever. After having an account open, JetBlue and Barclay could not communicate with each other because of my JetBlue number. I have never received any of the points I earned. When I closed my account in frustration, I was said I couldn't access the .qbo files with the transaction history. I have called their customer service a lot of times but they just tell me I am out of luck. Take my advice, do not get a card or open an account with these bastards."

"Jet blue charged me $40 for the conversion of all old AE cards. They never gave me the option of the $99 card. Them they told me that I can't convert money because of some computer problems. JetBlue Plus Card is the worst card in the world. I feel screwed, especially when considering that I have a flight in two weeks. That's not fair!"

My Final Summary

JetBlue Plus Card is a very contrasting card. While it comes with a number of awards and benefits, it is linked to many complaints and concerns. The major strengths of this card is that it allows earning a number of bonus points within the first year of holding the card, free first checked bag and the 6x bonus on JetBlue purchases. Based on our research of this card, the major drawback of the JetBlue Plus Card is that it doesn't allows to use the points earned by cardholders. A lot of customers report that they accounts are suddenly blocked or that their cards stop working properly as soon as there is a considerable amount of bonus points on them. The customer service reps appear to be completely unhelpful in such situations. With this in mind, the JetBlue Plus Card cannot be recommended to usage.

JetBlue Plus Card Pricing and Rates

The rewards and benefits won't be precious at all if you carry a balance on your card. Remember that the interest payments are able to cancel the value of your free flights. Don't forget to pay off your balance on a monthly basis regularly. If you don't, you will face the following fees. Cash advance APR is 26.24%. Purchase/Balance transfer APR is 12.99%, 20.99% or 25.99%. Balance transfer fee is 3%. Annual fee is $99. Cash advance fee is 5%. Late/returned payment fee is $37. There is no foreign transaction fee. The annual fee is very high. You have to hit the $1,000 spending requirement in order to get the 30K points. But there is no guarantee that you will able to use them.