Kanoa Headphones Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Kanoa Headphones Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Kanoa Headphones

Whether you are running, biking, swimming, or performing any other kind of physical activity, you probably know that music can significantly increase your performance. But listening to music is not enough, it would be optimal for you to do this via a high-quality music device and headphones. The modern market is abundant with these kinds of products, both with wires and without them, but today we are going to focus on Kanoa Headphones. These are completely wireless earbuds that claim to be able to change your perception of music. The product also promises to provide you with complete freedom of movement due to its ergonomic design. These headphones feature customizable fitment for maximum comfort, while the advanced audio technology guarantees delivering nice sound directly to your ears. Each pair of the headphones connects via Bluetooth to any of the modern devices at a distance up to 33 feet away. It operates via the free app that claims to fine tune the sound to meet the requirements and preferences of any user. The device is also able to track distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and time.

The Kanoa Headphones can be easily recharged when necessary. You will need to simply place your earbuds into the carrying case included into your purchase, and leave them for about an hour and a half. In addition to their ability to track core fitness stats, wireless design, and customizable audio options, there are many other benefits to be excited about. But are Kanoa Headphones really the best wireless earbud option available on the market? Is there any worthier competition? What things should be kept in mind before buying the product? The goal of this review is to provide you with as much information as possible. To my mind, if you want more than just a wire-free music experience, you should take a look at other features of Kanoa Headphones, as well as at the testimonials of real users of the product left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Kanoa Headphones Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Kanoa Headphones on various websites on the market. Most of them appear to carry a positive character. The users highly appreciate the high audio quality provided by the manufacturer. Kanoa has implemented many different technologies into the product. Thus, their headphones provide crystal clear, safe, lossless audio, as well as specially developed sound profiles to provide a full range of smooth mid, warm bass, and crystal clear highs. The so called aptX technology allows you to stream CD-quality sound. The built-in microphone allows making and getting phone calls in a hands-free manner! The app's audio equalization feature provides you with full control over your audio. All these features make Kanoa Headphones perfect for people who run or bike on public streets, while listening to music. The Audio Transparency allows you to either let sound in or block it out. Keep in mind that these headphones can track your core vitals, including calories burned and heart rate. The company claims that the app can use this information to alter your music's volume and pace in order to improve your performance. For example, you can select your "Back and Biceps" playlist and the length of the session (45 minutes or so). The App will start your music at a slower pace and increase it as time flows. Music intensity will increase for a more dynamic workout and then come down for the cool-off.

Kanoa's earbuds include silicone-styled jackets of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from for a proper fit. They also feature memory foam tips to keep them in place for more comfort. Believe it or not but the product can be used in water sports as the headphones are completely waterproof (IP68 Rating). There is no need to refuse from music while swimming! Kanoa's app will display your Performance Tracking metrics (time, calories, heart rate, distance) and play around with the custom equalizer. According to the company, you will be provided with 4-6 hours of play time. Then you will need to use the carrying case included to the box to recharge them. Don't remove the silicon jackets. The carrying case plugs into any outlet via a USB cable. The case is lightweight and small, which allows taking it with you wherever you go. It is high time to take a look at the real users' reviews online.

"Pre-ordering Kanoa Headphones took me some time but I was very patient! If you don't want to wait, request a refund. But I don't regret waiting, these headphones have become my best friends everywhere. The device works as advertised and provides me with music of the highest quality. That's the difference! I am happy that I took my time to wait for this high-technology product. I do recommend Kanoa to everyone! By the way, the latest updates are so promising."

"KANOA Headphones are certainly not a scam. They have created a great product, and even though there was a little delay, I am sure this happened because they wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the product. I am pleased with my purchase and would undoubtedly recommend it to everyone. This is a new technology of wireless earbuds. If you are reading this, you should try this product too!"

"KanoaHeadphones are really great. I was looking for users' reviews online and I noticed that many people were wondering whether it is a scam or not. After I have purchased these earbuds myself, I can say with confidence that they are not a scam. I was waiting for my box to be shipped for a while, but I am glad I ordered and received it. Don't be afraid of ordering these headphones."

My Final Summary

It is true to say that Kanoa Headphones are really efficient and feature high quality. Many people report in their testimonials online that they completely meet their personal preferences. The major advantage is that these are wireless earbuds, which makes them convenient and easy to use. There are many sizes to choose from, so you will be able to get those that would fit you perfectly. They do not fall out even when the user is running or cycling.

With this in mind, if you are looking for high-rate wireless earbuds, this option can be perfect for you. There is huge demand for Kanoa Headphones from the fitness community at present. Very few companies are able to release a successful product of the kind. Kanoa is undoubtedly the clear winner, coming in at 40% less expensive and featuring the same characteristics as the limited competition. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I do recommend these fantastic earbugs.

Kanoa Headphones Pricing and Rates

Earlier, the product was only available for preorder, with a 40% off price of $179. At present, it can be ordered directly from the official website of the company. Your box will include two Kanoa Earphones, three Sizes Silicon Jackets, one Charging / Carrying case, three Sizes Silicon Ear Tips, Safety Leash and Accessories, Extra Memory Foam Ear Tips, Sticker Pack. Nothing is mentioned about a refund policy on Kanoa's website, but you can email them to get additional information. According to the customer reviews, you can return the headphones within the first year of using them. If you need to cancel your order for any reason before it has been shipped, it will be done without a problem. The company's staff is here for you. In addition, the headphones come with a limited 12-month warranty against issues from normal use or manufacturing defects.