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MasterCard Gold Card

Few modern credit cards offer the benefits provided by the MasterCard Gold Card. This is a premium credit card made from 24k gold and is part of Mastercard's Luxury Card series that includes the Black Card and the Titanium Card. This credit card claims to be gilded but it is not the only benefit it has. Getting this card, you should take your time to think about the benefits and downsides of this card. For this reason, we will take a look at the Gold Card's benefits, expert and consumer opinions, fees and rates and finally we will give you our final thoughts about the card. The MasterCard Gold Card has a number of short-term benefits. The first one is 0% interest on all balance transfers for fifteen months, if the first transfer is made within the first forty-five days.

It is important to emphasize that the 45-day deadline is the day when you are actually approved for your card. The MasterCard Gold Card's benefits on balance transfers are what usually attract new cardholders. According to the ranking of luxury cards in 2017, only this card offers this perk. There are also long-term benefits. This exclusive credit card allows you to get excellent credit scores (740+) and higher-than-average incomes. These factors are important when it comes to getting luxury cards. It means that these cards are not available to just anybody. The MasterCard Gold Card carries a certain status and high reputation. Even its outer look catches the eye of snooping shoppers or cashiers. The front of the card is plated in 24k gold, while its back features a special patented carbon-fiber design.

Customer Reviews - Does MasterCard Gold Card Really Work?

This card is associated with a great number of positive users' reviews. Most people appear to be highly satisfied with the card and its features. The first thing that attracts potential users is the look of the card. It looks very prestigious and is made from metal. This makes this card heavy and gives off a metallic clang when the card falls down onto the hard surface. This prevents it from losing easily. The MasterCard Gold Card offers a great number of rewards. Every time you buy something with your card, you will get one reward point for every spent dollar. You can use these points on MasterCard's website for four types of purchases: gift cards, merchandise, travel, and experiences. Everything except for experiences is clear, while the final category is a collection of fishing trips, vacation packages and tickets to important events. You can also use the option of changing your points to money that can be directly deposited into your account or added to your monthly statement as a credit.

What makes this card different from all the other credit cards is that it allows you to double the value of your points when booking airline tickets or converting them to cash. No other cards have a better cash-back rate, while the Gold Card has 2%. The USAA Limitless Cashback Rewards card has a 2.5% cash-back rate, but it is only available to the military people and their families. Speaking about the travel side benefits, only the Capital One Venture offers double rewards. The MasterCard Gold Card has a Luxury Card Concierge, a service that is highly appreciated by the cardholders. It means that you can easily arrange travel, city guides, entertainment, specialty services, customized and specialty requests, tickets and events. Concierge services book tickets, hotel rooms, and entertainment for you. Most people who possess the Mastercard Gold Card are satisfied with it. They say that even though the card's fee is quite high but, the card pays for itself in rewards. Big spenders with excellent credit can apply self-discipline to earn more rewards. You can earn $305 through getting points per year. In addition, you can take advantage of your Priority Pass membership. To better understand whether the card is worth getting, let us take a look at some of the real users' reviews left online.

"I would say that the MasterCard Gold Card is a good "show off". You will undoubtedly get attention of other people when using it while paying for anything. Its weight is 22 grams compared to only 5 grams of a typical plastic card. Actually, few people have seen this card due to the high annual fee. I am proud of my card not only due to its exclusive look but also due to the awards it provides me. I can use so many services for free!"

"I have had my MasterCard GoldCard for six months already. Initially, it took about 30 hours for me to receive it from the time of submitting for acceptance notification. The website is truly the best at updating the app and informing me of my status. I am also pleased with the customer service interaction, reward redemption, problem resolution, and honest feedback. I would certainly recommend the card to my friends but few of them can afford it."

"I just got my MasterCard Goldcard and I already love it dearly. This card is simply the best of the luxury card segment. I am not super rich but I find the annual fee quite reasonable taking into account all the benefits I can use. I am looking forward to the gifts they will send me as soon as I earn the points. At present I feel proud of such a prestigious card."

My Final Summary

The MasterCard Gold Card has a number of advantages. First, it comes with great travel perks. It will reimburse you $100 for the application expenses to the Global Entry program. Due to this membership you will get access to an expedited security line at U.S. airports called Precheck. One Global Entry application lasts for five years. In addition, you will also get a $200 reimbursement each year. This money can be spent on travel. According to the official website, this travel credit can be used for airline tickets, upgrades and baggage fees. You will get this credit every calendar year, so you could receive $400 in credits during your first year.

You will also get access to the Priority Pass network of VIP airport lounges in more than 500 airports all over the world. Besides, the MasterCard Gold Card offers shopping and fraud protection, including theft or damage to new purchases, lost or delayed luggage, etc. The biggest perk is zero liability that removes all the responsibility from you for fraudulent charges from your account. These benefits may have specific exclusions, so you are advised to read through the Guide to Benefits attentively when getting your card. The MasterCard Gold Card provides you with the high status and impressive redemption values. Despite the high annual fee, I do recommend this card to usage.

MasterCard Gold Card Pricing and Rates

The annual fee for using the card is $995, $295 for additional users. APR is 15.74% on balance transfers and purchases. Balance transfer fee is 3% or $5 (the one that is greater). Fee for late payment may reach $37. There is no foreign transaction fee. While the card may seem expensive, take into account the cardholder's perspective and benefits.