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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Oasis Financial

It is important to pay bills in time and not wait for your settlement but very often people may face situations when they have no funds to do this. Oasis Financial comes to help. It is a company that provides pre-settlement funding to people who were injured in a car accident and having financial difficulties while waiting for their settlement. The company can provide a no-risk cash advance without any expenses from your side in just 24 hours once approved, Oasis Financial has helped more than 250,000 people already. If you have any financial problems you can contact the company by calling at (877) 333-6675 or writing to 9525 Bryn Mawr Ave; 60018; Rosemont; United States. Pre-settlement financing provides you with money before your case is settled. As the money is repaid from your settlement, it can be received right now without any out-of-pocket costs and risks. It does not matter which credit score you have either. The company gives a $500 - $100,000 advance on your settlement. According to the company's claims on the official website oasisfinancial.com, even if you lose your case, you won't owe them nothing. You can pay them back only from your settlement.

Oasis Finance has been in business since 2002, so it has enough experience in the sphere. It is based out of Chicago, IL, and is a member of American Legal Finance Association (ALFA). The company received an A+ rating from BBB and is trusted by over 250,000 people. The company allows to take control over any financial situation today and be calm about your life in general. They are ready to provide you with funding you need whenever you need it. In order to come closer to your settlement you will need to take a few simple steps. First, apply by using an online form on the official site or calling a toll-free number anytime. The application is free and takes only three minutes. After applying you'll need to receive approval in 24 hours. The company's decision is not impacted by your credit score. Finally, you will review and return your agreement and receive your funds.

Customer Reviews - Does Oasis Financial Really Work?

Oasis Financial has received 332 points out of 404 as a Financial Consultant and 144 out of 168 in the category of Non-Bank Financial Service. There are numerous customer reviews about the company on third-party websites and all of them have given it rather high rating. For instance, TrustScore is 4.4 stars out of 5. according to the company's data, they help over 3,000 people each month by providing them with finances in hard times. Their lawsuit settlement funding allows each client to get control over their finances and life. Oasis Financial offers financial help in different case types including Auto Accidents, Road Traffic Injuries (Motor Vehicle, Pedestrian Injury, Passenger Injury), Workers' Comp and Workplace Negligence (FELA (Railroad), Construction Negligence, Jones Act (Maritime)), Premises Negligence (Slip and Fall) and Other Injuries (General Negligence, Civil Rights, Wrongful Death).

Most of the clients of Oasis Financial are pleased with the services offered by the company, its staff and terms of cooperation. They say that the team of the company is interactive and responsive. They tend to answer their customers' questions and make sure that the interests of their customers are satisfied. For example, one man reports that he was in real need and was helped by the company that gave him $1000.00. He felt very thankful for helping him to pay his mortgage. Oasis saved him, as he said. It worked in a fast manner and behaved very professionally. One woman told her story that on 9/25\18 she slipped on urine in the bathroom of McDonald's. As a result, the woman received the following traumas: broken right sternum (collarbone), sprained right knee and three bulged discs on her lower back. The latter trauma even requires surgery. Since it has been a tough year for the woman she could not cope with the situation on her own. However, the Oasis team has done everything possible to help the client and her family to overcome the hard times. They treated her with professional courtesy and respect.

Another individual is thankful to Oasis Financial for their moral and financial assistance. One of the company's representative named David was cooperative and helpful in securing the necessary help. The rest of the staff were quick in approving the client's application, making their decision and processing his loan. Oasis Financial helped the man to keep his bills at a standstill in order to move forward with his daily tasks without any worries over bills. So, the customer could focus on working to start standing on the ground still again. One man shared his story online saying that the company helped him in the time of need. He got in a car accident and needed to undergo expensive treatment. The man also got behind on a few bills and his third year old birthday was coming up. The customer was pleased with the easy and fast speed of the whole process. Once he got approved he received his money the same day the same day. The process was so simple and painless that the customer almost did not notice anything happen. Everyone in the team was professional and polite. Now the man knows whenever he is injured and needs financial help Oasis Financial will 100% help. He highly recommends the services of this company. Let us take a look at some other customer reviews on third-party websites.

"Oasis Financial is a wonderful company that simply saved my truck. I am grateful that there is an establishment that can help others when they really need it. It was my lawyer's intern who recommended this company to me. In my case, the process was very smooth, and the customer service was decent. They have greatly helped me throughout the hard time. I highly recommend Oasis Financial to everyone in financial need."

"Oasis Financial was really a blessing to me. I would not cope with the situation on my own. I couldn't believe how fast they provided their services. I didn't request much because I didn't believe I would receive it; however, the company proved to be very helpful. I am still in tears on how helpful everyone in the team was in my time of need. I pray Oasis will flourish more than ever. I bless Oasis financial and I recommend this company to everyone I love."

"I am satisfied with the work of Oasis Financial. Everyone in the company's team was helpful, friendly and professional. At first I expected that the process would be embarrassing because I faced a very tough financial situation but everything was smooth and not stressful at all. I dealt with Brian who helped me kindly during the whole process. I received the money even faster than anticipated. I understood the terms of the loan since they were straight-forward. Thank you for such a painless process in my trying time."

My Final Summary

Oasis Financial is a company that specializes in legal funding and lawsuit services designed for individuals who need money for pending legal settlements. According to the company's claims on the official website, it is a nationally recognized brand in the field providing lawsuit funding to people involved in personal injury litigation. It offers an efficient and fast method of getting cash in the most difficult times of your life. The company claims that even if you don't win your case, you won't need to repay anything. Their official website is very extensive and easy-to-use. It contains detailed information about the whole funding process. The company has high rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are numerous positive customer’s testimonials on third-party websites involving reasonable fees and perfect customer service. It should kept in mind that, while the money provided by Oasis Financial doesn't constitute a loan. You need to repay it quickly; otherwise, you will face fees and interest rates. If your case doesn't conclude quickly enough after taking your loan, you would paying high interest. But when you desperately need money, Oasis Finance will be of great help in providing you with the necessary finances. The majority of the company's clients are thankful for help and are pleased with the perfect services. All of the team's members are professional, attentive and kind. Whichever financial problems you experience, the company will cope with them in a day. Taking into account all of these advantages and disadvantages, we do recommend Oasis Financial.

Oasis Financial Pricing and Rates

According to the official website of the company, you can apply for a loan absolutely for free. There are no upfront costs either. Oasis Financial also claims that your credit rating will not have any impact on your approval. It can be obtained in a day or two only. Since it is not a traditional loan, the process is usually fast and easy. Fees linked to your future payment may depend on certain factors. For more details you should contact the company's customer service by calling at 877-333-6675 or writing them via an online form.