Proper Cloth Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a company that was founded by Seph Skerritt in October 2008 and claims to assists their clients to create an ideal custom dress shirt. You are free to choose from 400 fabrics and dozens of style options. This custom shirtmaker differentiates from other companies of the kind with the fact that all this can be handled through a single website including sizing. The customer needs to use their proprietary Smart Sizes algorithm. In general, the ordering process includes four steps. At first, you will need to find your perfect size and make an order on the official website. Your exact specifications will be used when creating your shirt. Your item will be custom made and hand-assembled. A ready shirt will arrive in two or three weeks.

According to Proper Cloth's Guaranteed Fit policy, if your shirt doesn't fit ideally, they will change or remake it for free. The Pricing section will be discussed later in this review. According to the official website of Proper Cloth, they claim to be ahead of the competition from fit, fabrics, service, overall value and speed. All perspectives are taken into account but does this mean that this company is right for you? We are going to answer this important question after we take a closer look at the features of the service and testimonials left by real customers of the company. I am sure you will understand whether it is worth to order a custom shirt from this website.

Customer Reviews - Does Proper Cloth Really Work?

Proper Cloth's official website offers a wide variety of fabrics and a broad range of styles that are sourced from some of the greatest mills in the world. The company also creates their own custom fabrics that cannot be found anywhere else. The design process involves the creation of your own shirt or customizing it of one of the designs featured by Proper Cloth. You will be offered to choose from more than twenty cuff, collar, and button styles. You can also add a custom monogram. No matter which options you select, all shirts feature reinforced shirt tail gussets, buttons that are securely attached with criss-cross stitching, a minimum of 16 stitches per inch, standard removable brass collar stays, etc. After placing your order, be sure that the company will use robotic fabric cutters and computer generated patterns for reliability and speed. Then experienced tailors will hand-sew your new piece of clothing to achieve an ideal fit.

Let us take a look at what real customers are saying in their online reviews for Proper Cloth. The company appears to have received a great deal of positive feedback not only from users but also from media organizations like Men's Journal, NY Times, GQ, Fast Company, and more. On Yelp, the company has an average rating of 5 stars, based on more than 300 customer reviews. There are some compliments that reference high quality, great customer service and fit for the price. Specifically, the users like the fact that the personalized service of a bespoke tailor can be combined with an easy ordering process and modern technology. Based on their rating you can imagine that most of these reviews were positive, while a few negative testimonials referenced difficulty achieving good fit. Actually, one reviewer reported that he received several shirts of different sizes, despite being made according to the same measurements. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews about Proper Cloth. Here are some of them.

"I am happy that I got an opportunity to upgrade my ratings with Proper Cloth after just a month. My new shirts arrived as promised and as supposed to be tailored. I noticed no mistakes at all and was completely satisfied with my orders. I am going to continue cooperation with this company. My shirts look as requested. I am a completely happy customer and I do recommend this company to all of my friends!"

"ProperCloth is actually my favorite place for buying shirts. The company offers a really great selection of fabrics, so I can choose a different fabric each time I make an order. Once I got measured by the staff, it was very easy to adjust the measurements. They just add a little here and remove a little there. So, I am sure that I will have a perfect shirt for the beach, work, or just hanging out."

"I am amazed with the work of Proper cloth! They managed to make a great shirt that can be worn with my suit and tie. I look really nice and receive a lot of compliments. In fact, I usually order clothes for sewing because I have an atypical body type, 18.75" neck and 49" chest with 33.5" arms. Traditional shirts tend to be either too long in the sleeve or too tight in the neck. Besides, I have very specific preferences. For instance, I prefer French cuffs and hidden button collars. The company makes all of those parts perfect for my shirts."

My Final Summary

If you are looking for custom dress shirts online, you will undoubtedly find dozens of companies who create these items and actually make the same promises as Proper Cloth. They promise to provide a wide variety of fabrics and accessories, an ideal fit, the ability to customize your shirt and to order it online. But to my mind, none of these websites has as informative, attractive, or easy design system as Proper Cloth. In addition, its Smart Size algorithm helps to create a "perfect fit" much easier by your answering eleven quick questions. It is important to note that Proper Cloth' production is advanced, which means that they can make replicable and precise changes to ensure that your shirt is ideal for your body type, while taking into account such factors as shoulder slope as well as the number of pleats at your cuff.

Proper Cloth is not the cheapest online custom shirt company, but their prices are competitive. They always apply the highest quality fabrics. According to numerous customers' reviews, the company has a wonderful reputation. Another advantage offered by Proper Cloth is a perfect customer service. Thus, their shirts seem to provide a good deal of value. Most customers report having positive and pleasant experience of working with the company. They are pleased with the fit, fabrics, and overall value of their shirts. Many of them say that they would order from them again. As an expert, I would recommend Proper Cloth to everyone who wants to have custom shirts.

Proper Cloth Pricing and Rates

An average test shirt costs $125 together with accent fabric on the cuffs and collar and custom buttons. The customers are provided with a wide fabric choice. The choice of fabric may cost you between $85 and $225. All shirts come with a 90-day refund policy, as well as a 120-day policy for store credit. If you are not satisfied with anything, you may have your shirt altered or remade for free. Remember that this is only available one time, it takes 2-3 weeks to complete and it must be started within 90 days of getting your shirt. Customers have to pay for the shipping. If you have questions about the process, you can reach customer service department by calling at 646-964-4221.