Seat Belt Xtender Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Seat Belt Xtender Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Seat Belt Xtender

Seat Belt Xtender is a special attachment for a seat belt in your car that allows you to click in your seat belt in a fast and easy way. It works by clicking into an automobile's regular belt clip. You will just need to click the extension in and then clip your seat belt to it. As a result, you will have more comfort and room while driving. This extender is six inches long and is E4 certified. An advantage of this product is that it can work well in any vehicle model or make. This product is made to help people who find it difficult to wear their regular seat belts. They may struggle to click in their belts which may cause frustration and embarrassment or find it uncomfortable after it is clicked in.

Will Seat Belt Xtender really make it easier for to wear your seat belt by giving you more comfort and a greater range of motion? We will still have to find an answer to this question. The company behind the product is not popular or reputable in the country, which makes it difficult to judge whether their claims are true. The official website is not informative at all. It does not even provide a postal address of the company. This seat belt extension is said to be suitable for children who have out grown their car seats but have trouble with wearing a seat belt. Let us take a closer look at how the product works, what advantages and disadvantages it has and what real users are thinking about their purchase.

Customer Reviews - Does Seat Belt Xtender Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about Seat Belt Xtender on third-party websites. There are both positive and negative opinions. At first let us take a look at the compliments found online about this device. Most people report that the product is easy to use, since you don't have to perform many actions. All you will need to do is to click and go. Another compliment concerns the comfort provided by the Seat Belt Xtender. It can be used by people with mobility issues and obesity. It is made in such a way as to decrease stress on the wearer's body while promoting a high level of comfort. This product can be used in the car, but there is no problem if you need to take it with you. It is quite portable due to its small and compact size. It will fit into any bag or purse and can easily be carried with you. The product can be used in both the front and rear seats. Each purchase of this product contains two extenders, so you can use both of them in your car. Another important feature is that this is an E4 safety certified product, which means that it is expected to function properly in case of an emergency. This will allow you to rest easy and be sure that this product is safe for your children.

Now it is high time to discuss the negative points of the Seat Belt Xtender. This product is connected with some warnings. As it was already mentioned, this product claims to be E4 certified which makes it safe to use in any car. It is also designed to hold up in different emergencies including a car accident. Even though this product is designed to be safe, its use without any sort of attachment cannot ensure 100% safety. This vehicle's seat belt is manufactured for those who have this vital attachment in their automobiles.

If you take a look at the real users' reviews, you will see that many of them carry a negative character. Some people were unsatisfied with the product because it broke really soon. They also called it to be a poor solution to a seatbelt problem. One customer reported that he found that the clips did not prevent the problem that the seat belt was rubbing his neck. In fact, the Seatbelt Xtender made it even more uncomfortable. This man cannot recommend this product to anyone. A few other reviewers agree that the product is not good at all and does not work as claimed by the manufacturer. They say that it is utterly useless. One guy reported in his testimonial that the fitting instructions were so poor that he had to rely on his own intuition when attaching the device in his car. Even the pictures depicting how to fix this extender to the seat belt had poor quality and were hard to understand. The guy would not be able to use it if he hadn't invited his friend to help him. Both of them struggled to fit this item correctly. He wishes the instructions that came with this product were better.

A few people managed to get a refund for their items that they found very uncomfortable and too expensive. One man says that they were so uncomfortable that he had to take them off the next day already. There is no warranty that they won't kill you in case of a car crash. When opening the sealed bag you may find a note: "Use of this device is at your own risk". Is this normal on a device that changes a piece of life-saving equipment? Is it really a waste of money? Let us try to find out by reading a few actual customers' reviews online.

"I tried to order the SeatbeltXtender from its official website weeks ago but I got an email saying that they won't be in stock for a few weeks! When the product appeared I ordered it. Meanwhile, I looked at my seat belts and found out that they were all different so I was about to cancel my order. I am not sure whether this Seatbelt extender is suitable for my specific car."

"I ordered Seatbelt xtender in the end of December and now it is February but I still haven't received this item. I cannot wait that long, so I called the customer service to cancel my order. I was told that the product would be shipped out the same day. It was a week ago but I am still waiting for my order. This is a scammy "Xtender" company! Do not deal with it!"

"Seatbelt Xtender is the most expensive rubbish I have ever bought online. Probably, these and the seatbelt adjusters are the same products and the only difference between these two items is the price. The product does not work to stop the seatbelt hurting my neck. What is ever worse is that this item cannot be returned if it has been opened. What about the consumer law?"

My Final Summary

We have learnt many negative aspects on the Seat Belt Xtender during our research. There are certain safety concerns, mainly about using an extension on a unit that is meant to be safe already. Some people may see this as another piece that might be potentially dangerous in case of a crash. For this reason many customers may refrain from buying this device. The product is not cheap too. The modern market offers a number of alternatives like Intey Seat Belt Extension, a similar product that is used to extend your seat belt. Vgeby Universal Extender is another device that lengthens a seat belt too. The Seat Belt Xtender is not available in traditional stores. It can be purchased exclusively online. This item is available as a double order. It means that you will need to pay a full cost for the first extender and get the second one for a discounted price. The shipping is free on the second device. With all these pros and cons I cannot recommend buying Seat Belt Xtender. It can really carry potential risk for your health and life.

Where To Buy Seat Belt Xtender In Stores?

The product can be purchased online only. The cost of Seat Belt Xtender is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Seat Belt Xtender at the discounted price of only $9.99 for a total price of $34.97. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page found at; however, the company has since ceased selling Seat Belt Xtender and has taken down the website. Seat Belt Xtender may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.